Earth4Energy Review


He Laughed At Me When I Told Him……Now After Saving $1,000′s By Building And Installing My Own Solar Panels, I Was The One Laughing! Can anyone build and install their own solar panels in their homes?  Well according to the Earth4Energy program creator Michael Harvey, it is a resounding “Yes”. I have done a lot of research on …

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Green DIY Energy Review


The Big Power Companies Hate Me……. And I Love It! Made For You And Me  I recently stumbled upon a really interesting solar do it yourself product called Green DIY Energy. After using this product I decided to help others out by providing my Green DIY Energy review. Why did this product stand out for my …

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Home Made Energy Review


Slash Your Electric Bill by 75% Or More In Less Than One Month (Guaranteed)! How?………DIY Solar Projects If I were to tell you that it’s possible to get paid by the Electric Company instead of having to pay them each and every month, what would that feel like? For me, this concept is life changing. …

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Nikola Tesla Secret Review


Can A 100 Yr Old Device Actually Be Used To Generate Free Energy?…….. You Better Believe It! Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about purchasing this product, I soon realized that there just weren’t that many real reviews available so I decided to put together this Nikola Tesla secret review. What follows …

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HoJo Motor Review


What You’re About To Hear Will ENRAGE The Big Energy Corporations…… But You Need To Hear This! Every so often you come upon a product that is just so different from what you would consider “The Norm”, that you have to stop and do a double take.  I have found just that product.  During a …

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