Green DIY Energy Review

green diy energy reviewThe Big Power Companies Hate Me……. And I Love It!

Made For You And Me 

I recently stumbled upon a really interesting solar do it yourself product called Green DIY Energy. After using this product I decided to help others out by providing my Green DIY Energy review.

Why did this product stand out for my you’re probably thinking?  Although Green DIY Energy comes with a very in depth manual and videos as do a lot of the other solar products, it really puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that these projects can be successfully completed by a non-do-it-yourselfer. It breaks it down into very easy to follow chunks that are next to impossible to make a mistake with. The manuals provided give you background and information on how to build your own solar panels and also give you step-by-step instructions for building your own wind turbine.

Product Support

Before purchasing any product for review I always test out their support first by sending a friendly email requesting more information and perhaps asking them a simple technical question.

I am happy to say that Joseph’s reply was very prompt and provided excellent answers to all my questions. It is clear that as well as being genuinely interested in renewable energy and providing the best quality design information, he also takes customer support seriously. In fact he has even set up an online help system to answer any further questions you might have to make your project a success.

What Will You Receive?

3 very thorough Guides complete with explanations and loads of diagrams.

Guide #1 is all about Solar Panel Systems and contains:

  • A step by step process showing how to build your own solar panels
  • How to find free solar panels
  • How to maintain your solar panels

Guide #2 is the “$98 Solar Panel” which contains:

  • Detailed solar plans and photos walking you through a project to create a solar panel system for less than $100

Guide #3 is the DIY Bundle and contains:

  • Installing and mounting solar panels
  • Electrical wiring plans for solar panels
  • DIY home energy audit

This system’s guides are some of the most complete I have found so far. They are professionally designed and compiled and thoroughly cover everything you need for a home built renewable energy system that can start enlightening you on ways to live off the grid.

Videos Too

The video provided with this system walks you step by step through your solar panel project.

Included as a bonus with this package is a Guide that details how to build a wind turbine. Wind energy is explained in detail and a step by step walk through of your very own wind turbine project is provided.  This project allows you to build your very own wind turbine for about $140. Again, the guides are very detailed with many photos and diagrams.

What are The Risks?

Absolutely none.  The Green DIY Energy system comes with a Iron Clad, 60 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.  How’s that for confidence in your product?


Can an absolute “newbie” with no previous building experience take on one of these projects and successfully complete it?  I would have to give it a resounding yes! Most of the do it yourself guides I have purchased have either been padded with fluff or just downright junk, and I didn’t even bother if they couldn’t offer proper support. I believe this top-notch product is one of the best available and I am sure you will agree as well. This Green DIY Energy review concludes that this is one of those products that is a must have.

Click Below Now to go to the Green DIY Energy website and get that project on the go! Remember that this product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

green diy energy reviewP.S. I want to thank you for your time as I realize that it is one of the few precious commodities that we never have too much of!

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