Home Energy Audit with Green Dream Group LLC – Blower Door Test and Infrared Energy Audit

Demonstration of a Professional Home Energy Audit by a RESNET-Certified Home Energy Rater. Green Dream Group, LLC is a Chicago-based energy efficiency firm that tests building performance and recommends cost-effective home improvements.
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  1. GreenTechBuyer says:

    chessdude67 – if this is still a concern, GreenTechBuyer can match you with the best companies in your area.

  2. cloudburstlenepmhq says:

    Free Energy is real and its here! The Oil companies are doing everything they can to stop these

    information. If you want a Free energy machine do a search in youtube for the LT MAGNET MOTOR , Join the


  3. Mysteriam says:

    Between $400 and $1000, depending on the size and features of the house, and your particular region.

  4. SeattleInspector says:

    Ohio Inspections Group,LLC ask for Dale

  5. SeattleInspector says:

    Our Choice as Well :)

  6. Jimbo282 says:

    Thanks for posting this

  7. u2smn says:

    How much would inspection cost me?

  8. AccurateGaming says:

    Thanks for all the information.

  9. chessdude67 says:

    How do I find someone to come to our home and help us like you just did in this video? We live in Columbus, Ohio.

    Thanks for the info and video.

  10. GreenDreamGroup says:

    In this video we were working with a FLIR BCAM, but we gave that up in exchange for a FLUKE TiR, which is amazing. It costs $4000.

  11. TexasHomeInspector says:

    Can you provide info regarding the infra red camera you use, for instance the cost of the camera.

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