Life after Collapse + Alternative Energy + The Idiocy of Bankers and Government

There is a lot of potential technology out there, but the oil cartels are still dominating our politics, they don’t want anything else to come in there and so the US government took almost 100 trillion dollars of money that they could have used to make a better nation and they spent it to basically keep the WallST ceo’s from going to jail. Now had they let those guys go to jail like they did in Iceland and they had taken that same 100 trillion dollars on pure research for energy and new space programs and whatever… they could have bought thorium cycle reactors for every major city in the USA. That would have been a clean safe version of nuclear power, you can’t build nuclear weapons out of it, that’s why the US government doesn’t invest in thorium cycle reactors. They want the bomb material… they want the bigger bang. Everything is geared to war and death and destruction inside the governments mindset. They are not interested in a technology that cannot be perverted to kill. Michael Rivero of www.whatreallyhappened.com Watch entire 2012-03-07 broadcast here www.justin.tv Youtu.be link: youtu.be
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Website: MrEnergyCzar.com There are many alternatives to fossil fuels. These alternatives will have a hard time competing until they receive the same proportionate share of subsidies that the fossil fuel energy sector receives. Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com Video Alternative Energy Book Review Eric Brende Amish Rail Truck Horse World oil supply high embargodemand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline reserves strategic reserve prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut Saudi Arabia Libya Iran Yemen Nigeria Syria Iraq tar sands Chavez high gas prices bakken shale ethanol electric DIY Betterplace Russia clean green economy IEA EIA


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  1. phennig1977 says:

    Congratulations for this good video. Keep up the good work plz. Big Brother is watching ya :D

  2. clevelandtyler2 says:

    How so?

  3. Ibwiseguy says:

    You are so full of shit you make me sick!

  4. lifeyourlifetofulles says:

    you can read my mind

  5. MrSammo1 says:

    There doesn’t have to be a collapse. All that is needed is to make people aware of how the bankers’ game works. Watch Alan Watts – Money

  6. aquateenman3 says:

    Obama Put On Notice March 8, 2012

    Rep. Walter Jones, republican of North Carolina, introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107, which states explicitly that any military action without congressional approval constitutes an impeachable high crime & misdemeanor

  7. Bernadotte01 says:

    Thorium cycle reactor? Where is there ONE working on Earth? I’m sick of hearing about nuclear fantasies.
    The earth is awash in hydrocarbons produced continuously by serpentenisation. Using those hydrocarbons is good for the biosphere.
    Only Americans are obsessed with finding the most complicated and expensive way possible to boil water. Very sad. No wonder your country is so fucked up.

  8. SlingSalsa says:

    yeah between the ratlines of the vatican help and operation paperclip being THE liferafts and transplant process of the life-force of the nazis, they survived and infiltrated new powers and avenues of influence

  9. mmeischa1 says:

    the nazis didnt loose..Hitler lost..but he was just a patsy for the Rothschildts..look at Israel, America, many European countries..do you really see that the nazis have lost? hell no..

  10. mydogscooter says:

    i think a race landed around the planet and jump started things, but part of the planet was radiated (previous bombs maybe?) and part of the human race mutated. the native americans were ok, but india, to northern africa had problems but they got in control. maybe the original creators are coming back to clean up the place, wipe out 7/8 of the people here, reseed and start another crop. be in service to others, pay attention to nature, maybe we’ll be able to ride it out. Peace.

  11. dragnet53 says:

    This is why I don’ t understand how the human race can move forward all these centuries. I sometimes think we have had outside help to get us to move forward.

  12. amemy1 says:

    Please DONT blame it all on politicians, and fossil fuel influence on the lack of alternative energy.
    Every single consumer dictates how and what they use, which dictates the whole energy paradigm.
    Problem is that joe public is as self interested as the people you are blaming.

  13. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Wind is already cost competitive with nuclear but neither makes petroleum petrochemical ingredients to make the things we need like your toothbrush, plastics, fertilizers etc…. thanks for the comment.

  14. sangolt88 says:

    Nuclear would probably be the most realistic replacement for fossil fuels, but the investments needed to construct the power plants makes it difficult to find companies willing to invest because of the low economic gain.

  15. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    The truth exposed. Another great video :)

  16. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Dave Ramsey all the way. Great job on clearing the debt. Probably the best way to prepare for Peak Oil….

  17. cdltpx says:

    Not like she could not get the money she could if my wife would sell some of the land inherited from her dad. I never asked and never will I believe that we will get the money our way when time is due. Perhaps I will start a small business with some of this extra money in the next year If I do this I will feel more accomplished in doing so we can do it just saving but if a business is done properly it can really land great income. I am not one for speedy decisions I will decide and lock in.

  18. cdltpx says:

    They claim fear of resale if default? 810 credit score for cars 780 on the trio for homes we qualify for $200K home if I built the dome it would cost less than that decked out with solar carbon neutral. We are completely debt free cars home etc. We have some saved but not enough to build a home like that for cash. We just got debt free this year when we paid off the student loans. The cars will take us 10 years we will have enough by then. Water table too high to build basements here.

  19. MrEnergyCzar says:

    No loans, not a surprise. They also probably think the house is too unique for good re-sale…

  20. cdltpx says:

    I face this problem with concrete dome homes they are green homes you don’t need a huge dumpster to build the shell very little waste. The dome is disaster resistant it is what drew me to them but I later learned of how efficient they are. If you had a 1500 sq ft home and buit dome same space you will use 1/3 the energy. Maintenance is rare and inexpensive too the home is projected to last 500 YEARS. My belief they don’t allow loans for them is they put too many people they love out of work.

  21. MrEnergyCzar says:

    At a quick glance it looks like they invest about 1% per year or 1 billion of their 90 billion in annual revenue. Mostly biofuels and wind….

  22. MrEnergyCzar says:

    That is correct but we’ll scramble to build out and clean up the grid with clean tech using whatever we have left to do it….even though it’s not a true liquid fuels replacement etc..

  23. MrEnergyCzar says:

    You’re right, nothing can continue our ways because nothing can replace oil. Alt. energy is the likely transition to a lower energy future and lower lifestyle….

  24. ThePinkbarrio says:

    Hola Hierarchicalist,
    You are correct about fossil fuels and alternative energy manufacturing. That’s why it’s so important to use the fossil fuels that are remaining to construct the infrastructure so that the new alternative infrastructure can produce and do our manufacturing after oil is depleted. Chau. rosa barrio for “what is is.”

  25. DontTreadOnMeSoldier says:

    Why do we keep fooling ourselves in thinking that “alternative energy” will save us and continue to power our materialistic lives? Buy a rifle, learn how to farm, and move to a remote part of the country because when the sh*t hits the fan alternative energy will be of no use to you.

  26. Hierarchicalist says:

    “Alternative energy” is a misleading label. There is no energy source that can replace the economic efficiency of fossil fuels, especially crude oil. Furthermore, alternative energy is an extension of the fossil fuel supply. A large amount of fossil fuel energy is needed to produce and maintain alternative energy technologies.

  27. MrEnergyCzar says:

    That is correct. George Bush Senior bought a Chevy Volt for one of his other sons. Crazy stuff.

  28. MrEnergyCzar says:

    I was thinking of using that. Thanks for the comment.

  29. TheRepublicOfUngeria says:

    easier to say: Sustainable energy, since they will last as long as the sun or core of the earth is hot which actually make life possible at all. And they all have consistent output

  30. NetZeroHome says:

    Surprisingly, in October 2008, Bush put in the Wall St. bailout the electric car tax credit for the first 200,000 EV’s. It hasn’t been used up yet but I don’t know why Obama gets credit for Bush’s tax credit. Ignorance I guess. Or maybe it’s hard to believe an oil man would do that. Of course Bush Senior bought a Volt for his son.

  31. MsPeakOil says:

    Many people think alternatives get more subsidies. They’ve been baked into the fossil fuel world for so many decades people forget. The military presence to protect the oil overseas alone must be billions. You can have one heck of an EV credit for that kind of money.

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