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Green Energy Technology – IISAT Innovation Presentation 2011-10-25.avi

Presentation by John Martin, MD of Green Energy Technology, to the attendees at the IISAT seminar in the Seagoe Hotel, Portadown, Craigavon. The two key technologies presented are the innovations in Air Source Heat Pumps with Mitsubishi Ecodan and Innovations / developments with MCS Stoves and the new Grant Spira wood pellet boilers.

UFOTV Presents… – Above Top Secret – UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity Technology

EBE Award Winner! Best Historical UFO Documentary – International UFO Congress. This film explores the history of our modern technological age, secret advances in science, the question of UFOs, and how our world governments have controlled the flow of information to the public regarding the truth about UFOs. Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity Technology …

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Things You Should Know About Green Energy Technology

It is now common knowledge that the earth’s energy resource is slowly depleting and this has brought mankind into finding ways on how to conserve our natural resources. Even if there is no sure-fire way of telling the rate of depletion, there is no better time but now if you wish to start focusing on …

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Breakthrough Solar Potential Mapping Technology: TheSolarMap.com

Breakthrough Solar Potential Mapping Technology: TheSolarMap.com thesolarmap.com Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) July 20, 2011 TheSolarMap has released a breakthrough solar potential technology that applies a map-based platform to assess the solar potential for any building in the world. This mapping platform …

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Green Energy Technology 2011

This is the future of wind turbines. Footage courtesy of www.maglevwindturbine.com Video Rating: 4 / 5